IWSD congratulates on the inaguration of the largest Mosque in Denmark

COPENHAGEN – After nine year of the publication of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) defamatory cartoons, Denmark has opened the first mosque with a minaret in the capital Copenhagen, a move seen as consolidating dialogue and understanding.

“With this platform you can avoid conflicts like the one over the Mohammed cartoons, because it creates dialogue and understanding,” Mohamed Al Maimouni, spokesman for the Danish Islamic Council, which owns the mosque, told AFP (Agence France Presse) on Thursday, June 19.

The Danish Islamic Council is known for having “a moderate understanding of Islam” and had “an Islamic philosophy based on adjusting to the society you are in,” he argued.

With 150-million kroner ($27.2 million) Qatari funds, Denmark’s largest mosque opened on Thursday in Copenhagen’s gritty northwest district, to accommodate the fast growing Muslim population.

Built on 6,700 square meter (72,118 square feet), the mosque complex will include a mosque, a cultural center, a television studio and a fitness center.